McCann’s Homemade

Posted on October 21, 2014

Aside from photography, I like to make things.  Before I was married & had a child, I had a very extensive craft supplies collection.  I miss that collection! icon wink McCanns Homemade  Anyway, now I help my husband out with one of his passions: gardening.  Wait, did I say that I help him?  Umm… okay, mostly I stay out of his way so that I don’t kill any of the plants, but occasionally I help with the harvesting, washing, cooking, etc. icon smile McCanns Homemade  Earlier this year I decided to do a fun little stop-motion video to show off his garden.  Enjoy!

McCann’s Homemade from Danielle McCann Photography on Vimeo.

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Kate + Derek | Save-the-Date

Posted on October 14, 2014

Kate + Derek | Save The Date from Danielle McCann Photography on Vimeo.

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Brittany + Eric | Married

Posted on October 7, 2014

Brittany & Eric had one of my most memorable weddings yet.  Aside from the gorgeous decor and details, Mother Nature made a crazy appearance during the reception, complete with a tornado threat.  I’m sure none of their friends & family will forget this special day!!

Brittany + Eric from Danielle McCann Photography on Vimeo.

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Savannah + Johnny | Married

Posted on October 3, 2014

Savannah & Johnny are a couple who knows how to have FUN.  These two partied all day and loved every second of it.  Watch the video and see if their smiles aren’t contagious! icon smile Savannah + Johnny | Married

Savannah+Johnny | 6-21-14 from Danielle McCann Photography on Vimeo.

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Jasmine + Bryan | Married

Posted on September 29, 2014

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE MY COUPLES!? icon smile Jasmine + Bryan | Married Jasmine & Bryan were such a joy to be around on their wedding day. It was obvious how excited they were to be starting this journey in life together, and I cannot wait to see where life takes them.

To see their awesome stop-motion video, click below!! Make sure to have your sound turned down if you don’t want to be startled. icon wink Jasmine + Bryan | Married


Jasmine + Bryan | Married from Danielle McCann Photography on Vimeo.

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Charlee & Brutus | Best Friends

Posted on May 20, 2014

When I was a little girl, I had a Chow.  He was the best dog I’ve ever had, so when a friend of mine posted pictures of Chow/Boxer pups two years ago and one of them looked JUST like my Chow pup, well, we had to get him.  Two years later, he’s growing out of his crazy wild puppy phase (although he’s still a crazy wild Boxer) and he’s my daughter’s best friend.  She just adores him, and he’ll let her do anything just to be near.

006 9060 Charlee & Brutus | Best Friends
027 9061 Charlee & Brutus | Best Friends
056 9062 Charlee & Brutus | Best Friends
135 9063 Charlee & Brutus | Best Friends
151 9064 Charlee & Brutus | Best Friends
190 9065 Charlee & Brutus | Best Friends

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Logan + Brandon | Engagements

Posted on May 19, 2014

These two are so adorable!  Brandon insisted that he wanted to get photos over and done with, but I know he secretly had a good time. icon wink Logan + Brandon | Engagements

013 9059 Logan + Brandon | Engagements
029 905a Logan + Brandon | Engagements
043 905b Logan + Brandon | Engagements
090 905c Logan + Brandon | Engagements
178 905d Logan + Brandon | Engagements
220 905e Logan + Brandon | Engagements

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Hayleigh + Johnny | Prom 2014

Posted on May 17, 2014

You guys.  My first-born niece just went to prom.  Seriously!?  She’s supposed to be as small as my child — five or six years old, running around, being goofy.  She’s growing into a beautiful, strong, amazing young woman now and I’m so proud to call myself her aunt.

Also, her prom date is adorable.  Look at those dimples!

Okay, enough embarrassment… for now.

004 904a Hayleigh + Johnny | Prom 2014
012 904b Hayleigh + Johnny | Prom 2014
026 904c Hayleigh + Johnny | Prom 2014
043 904d Hayleigh + Johnny | Prom 2014
047 904e Hayleigh + Johnny | Prom 2014
054 904f Hayleigh + Johnny | Prom 2014
060 9050 Hayleigh + Johnny | Prom 2014
069 9051 Hayleigh + Johnny | Prom 2014
079 9052 Hayleigh + Johnny | Prom 2014
085 9053 Hayleigh + Johnny | Prom 2014
096 9054 Hayleigh + Johnny | Prom 2014
101 9055 Hayleigh + Johnny | Prom 2014
108 9056 Hayleigh + Johnny | Prom 2014
121 9057 Hayleigh + Johnny | Prom 2014

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When Brittany contacted me for her engagement session and said she & her fiance’ love to cosplay and wanted to incorporate some of their costumes into their engagement session, I knew we’d get along just fine.  icon smile Brittany + Eric | Hartselle Engagement

011 903b Brittany + Eric | Hartselle Engagement
015 903c Brittany + Eric | Hartselle Engagement
023 903d Brittany + Eric | Hartselle Engagement
037 903e Brittany + Eric | Hartselle Engagement
048 903f Brittany + Eric | Hartselle Engagement
062 9040 Brittany + Eric | Hartselle Engagement
076 9041 Brittany + Eric | Hartselle Engagement
084 9042 Brittany + Eric | Hartselle Engagement
116 9043 Brittany + Eric | Hartselle Engagement
122 9044 Brittany + Eric | Hartselle Engagement
188 9045 Brittany + Eric | Hartselle Engagement
202 9046 Brittany + Eric | Hartselle Engagement
206 9047 Brittany + Eric | Hartselle Engagement
215 9048 Brittany + Eric | Hartselle Engagement

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I HATE Christmas!

Posted on October 4, 2013

Okay, whoa.  Before you take me seriously (because I know some of you were about to grab your pitchforks and come change my mind), I don’t really hate Christmas.  In fact, it ranks up there as my favorite holiday, right after the unnamed first-day-where-it-really-feels-like-fall holiday (yes, that’s a holiday… says me, right now).  However, being a photographer has really ruined my outlook on Christmas.  Where I used to get excited for December to roll around, now I am thoroughly sick of Santa before November is even done.  Why?  Well, because I have to start thinking about Christmas in September.  I know, right?  Most of you are complaining about Christmas decorations being pulled out in the stores before Halloween has even happened, and I wholeheartedly agree, but from a business standpoint it just has to be done.  You see, in order to get those Christmas cards that you tell yourself every year you’re going to send out (oh, because you got Susie’s in the mail and it was ADORABLE and you curse yourself for not remembering to get your family’s pictures done soon enough!), I have to think of packages to offer for you.  I then get out all of the Christmas decor, because it’s just a cliche’ and wonderful thing to do to offer Christmas mini sessions… right?  You don’t want a big session; you just want a few shots of your family in their Christmas sweaters so that you can send out that *one* shot on a Christmas card.

I don’t hate that.  I really don’t.  It just seems so… blah.  Everyone does Christmas mini sessions.  I can think of 10 photographers in my area alone who are offering them this year.  That’s WONDERFUL!  I think it’s a blast to go see Santa, get your pictures with him, yaddayaddayadda.  However, when I became a wedding & lifestyle photographer, it was so that I could showcase your family’s love… not to show them perfectly posed in front of a fake fireplace (pretty as it may be).  For this reason, I’ve changed Christmas.  Yes, I’m still thinking of it in September this year, but now it will hold much more meaning for you.

After all, would you rather have a cookie cutter image of your family, or a  custom video showing off your sentimental ornaments, family traditions, and yes, goofy personalities?  (I’d rather have the latter.)

Click on each link below to see a few different family Christmas videos.  Enjoy!!

Henson Christmas

Jaynes Christmas

Johnson Christmas

Perry Christmas

1277749 10151877401859174 1638206547 o I HATE Christmas!

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